My Top 5 | Matt Duchene

Although Matt Duchene’s light on playoff experience, the Columbus centre is making the most of his third shot at the big prize.

Although Matt Duchene’s light on playoff experience (he skated in just eight post-season games prior to the 2018-19 Stanley Cup playoffs), the Columbus centre is making the most of his third shot at the big prize.

In three Blue Jackets wins in three games against regular season champion Tampa Bay, the 28-year-old forward has chipped in with two goals and five points.

He’s also been as good as gold when playing for Team Canada, racking up a medal haul that includes Olympic gold, a pair of World Championships titles and a 2016 World Cup of Hockey victory.

Now here’s your chance to find out more about the pride of Haliburton, Ontario.


1. Lure of the lake

“I love fishing, whether it’s ice fishing in the winter or any other time. It’s my biggest passion, other than country music. Fishing bonded me with my father and my grandfather. Any opportunity I get to do it, it always makes me happy.”

2. A world of good

“I tell kids who dream of playing in the NHL to never give up hope and that the guys that play in this league, whatever position and whatever team they play for, they are good people. They want to make a difference on the ice and in their community. At the end of the day, they are just regular people.”

3. A big thank you  

“My parents, like so many others, always put their potential personal endeavors aside. What they did for me, taking me to the rink early in the mornings, things like that, it’s something I carry with me to this day. When you are trying to make it to the NHL, it’s a fine line between looking ahead and remembering who and what helped put you on the road towards that goal.

“Being a good teammate, being a good person my parents always put an emphasis on that. That’s still important to me.”

4. Are you ready for some football?

“I definitely would have tried to be a quarterback. I love throwing the football around in the summer with my friends. When I watch the NFL…they are pretty amazing athletes.”

5. All hands on deck

“There’s nothing quite like kicking back at our cottage and just relaxing. It’s a pretty special place, just the beauty of what you see. Anyone that’s visited our cottage, the first sunset that they see, it just leaves them speechless.”