Martinook takes pride in leadership role with Hurricanes

Aiming for Stanley Cup Playoff success with the Carolina Hurricanes, alternate captain Jordan Martinook sets his own example as a veteran leader.

Martinook takes pride in leadership role with Hurricanes

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Whether it is through personality, performance or providing a spark to help lead the way, Jordan Martinook is built for playoff hockey.

Martinook remembers he wasn’t exactly shy in his new locker room.

The forward joined by the Carolina Hurricanes from the Arizona Coyotes via trade on May 3, 2018.

“My personality, I think it gets people more involved,” he told in a 2019 interview.

“Me coming in, I just came in guns blazing, just doing what I do. I think a lot of guys liked seeing that.”

As did the organization.

The 31-year-old was named one of the team’s alternate captains in 2019.

“Coming into the league, it was something I never thought about. I knew I could be a leader you always kind of expect it to be the best players and you do see it once in a while, the guys that can bring the team together, and that’s what I’ve tried to do my entire career. I have as much fun as I can and just make sure the guys are in good moods, and lead by example through work ethic.”

“To get acknowledged was nice it’s an honour.”    

Martinook also looks to his fellow teammates for leadership inspiration.

Whether it’s Canes captain, Jordan Staal, or 39-year-old veteran defenceman, Brent Burns, Martinook gets the best of both worlds.

“It’s all about preparation with both of those guys. They are ready to go and have their bodies ready.

“Watching Burnzie go through his pregame routine every day is pretty impressive. Jordo leads by example. He plays the same way every night and forces people to follow him into the fight.”

As play becomes intensified during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, fellow teammates can also look to Martinook as an example in his leadership role.

With an energetic personality and the play to complement it, Martinook has consistently contributed to the team’s success. He scored the game-winning goal in Game 2 while delivering solid defensive play to help lead Carolina to take a 3-1 lead over the New York Islanders in their first-round series.

Showing up on the postseason scoresheet is par for the course for the native of Brandon, Manitoba.

In last year’s playoffs, he posted 12 points in 15 games as Carolina reached the Eastern Conference Final.

The left winger, who has played in 641 NHL regular season games, is looking for a longer postseason run this time around.

“I think as a veteran player you are just excited and grateful to have the opportunity to play for the Cup.

“You know how special that is because lots of guys don’t get the chance to.”

It’s one of several messages the winger shares with his teammates at this time of the year.

“Trying to stay even keel through the ups and downs is big,” said Martinook, who recorded 14 goals and 32 points during the regular season.

“There is always lots of talk throughout the group and on the bench and in the room.

“Try to ride your momentum waves as much and as long as possible.”

Whatever the moment calls for keeping things light, cracking a joke, or providing an energy boost No. 48 knows how and when to strike the right chord.

It is the Martinook way.

“This time of the year brings out the best in everyone, and playing against the best is what we all want.”