2022-23 NHLPA Player Poll results unveiled

626 NHL players took part in eighth edition of the survey.

2022-23 NHLPA Player Poll results unveiled

TORONTO (March 22, 2023) While hockey fans are enjoying an exciting finish to the regular season, the National Hockey League Players’ Association today has unveiled its 2022-23 NHLPA Player Poll results on NHLPA.com. A total of 626 players took part in the NHLPA Player Poll this season.

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In the NHLPA Player Poll’s eighth edition overall, and sixth consecutive season, NHL players from each of the 32 clubs were anonymously surveyed by the NHLPA during the first three months of the regular season. The membership weighed in on 14 questions covering a variety of on- and off-ice hockey topics.

The players were asked to pick the most complete NHL player; the top defenceman; the most impactful forward in a must-win game; which goalie they would pick to win one game; which player they least enjoy facing but would like to have on their team; the player with the best shoe game; the best women’s hockey player, and more.

Some highlights of the results include:

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