Player Q&A | Father's Day Edition with Mike Pavelski

If you're a San Jose Sharks fan, you likely know quite a bit about Joe Pavelski, but get to know the captain through the eyes of his dad, Mike!


Dad of: 


What does your son call you? 

Nickname you have for him: 

What did you think your son would be when he grew up?

What would your son be good at doing
if he wasn't a hockey player? 

When did you know he had great hockey talent? 

Describe your parenting style: 

Is there a hockey parent moment you regret? 

What's something most people don't know about your son? 

Proudest memories as a parent: 

Best Father's Day gift from your son: 

What has surprised you most about your son? 

What's the best part of being a hockey dad? 

One piece of advice for hockey parents: 

What has your son taught you?