Player Q&A | Tomas Hertl

A veteran teammate makes the cut as best tape job in San Jose and the trend Tomas Hertl thinks will be embarrassing in five years in this week's Player Q&A!

Player Q&A | Tomas Hertl



Name something popular now
that you think will be embarrassing in 5 years: 

The best concert you ever saw:  

People may be surprised to learn you have never:

People may be surprised to learn that you: 

Strangest gameday superstition you've ever seen?:   

Your favourite hockey memory is: 

The person you admire most is: 

Complete the following...

The best locker room DJ is...  

If I could be teammates with any
former NHL player it would be... 

The teammate with the best tape job is... 

My favourite thing about my hometown is... 

My favourite purchase this year is...