Top Player Tweets of the Week (November 1st – 8th)

From Chicago Blawkhawks players visiting Capitol Hill to Kyle Palmieri contemplating seasonal decorations, these are your Top Player Tweets of the Week.

Top Player Tweets of the Week (November 1st – 8th)

Early in the week, the Chicago Blackhawks were invited to visit President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington, D.C. Prior to meeting the President, the players stopped by the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre to spend time with wounded U.S. soldiers.

Being huge fans of the game themselves, when they’re not playing hockey, the players are watching it! This week they tweeted supportive and congratulatory messages to fellow players and shared their excitement over each other’s skills.

Off-the-ice the players are big on spending time with their families of the human and canine variety.

And now that Halloween is over, Kyle Palmieri poses a great question: